A downloadable asset pack


This is a reworked version of Miniworld
16x16 base Overworld Tileset crafted for old-school RPG enthusiasts. 

All of the sprites are made in 16x16 canvas.

  • Grass Tiles
  • Tree Tiles
  • Elevation Tiles
  • Dirt Pathway Tiles
  • River Pathway Tiles (with Animations)
  • River Tiles (with Animations)
  • Seawater Tiles (with Animations)
  • Buildings
  • Resource Nodes (Trees, Rocks, Fruits, Mines,...)

This asset pack contains the following files:

  • Tiled-Maps
    • a collection of json and tmj files containing free Tiled maps samples.


  •  Feel free to use this for your game (commercially or not).
  •  Feel free to creatively modify these sprites however you like.
  •  All kinds of criticism are welcome.
  •  Please help me by sharing and rating this asset.
  •  You are allowed to create Variations/DLCs of this asset pack and even sell it as your own :) (Dm me on Discord so I can advertise your games/asset packs).
  •  No need to give me credit but I would appreciate it :D

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PunyTrees (Unity Rule Tile) by Crossing  Lears

Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(27 total ratings)
Tags16x16, Pixel Art, Tilemap, Tileset
Asset licenseCreative Commons Zero v1.0 Universal


PUNY_WORLD_v1.zip 109 kB
punyworld-overworld-tileset.png 98 kB


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Solid assets, may I ask what the Typescript and TMJ files are?

heya dude, those must have been the Tiled json files which you can open using Tiled: https://thorbjorn.itch.io/tiled


Hello! I've just thought. Would you like to participate in a jam where people create pixel art assets not games?

yeah sure bro send me the link 0.



i wont join but ill start following those types of jam

oh wait actually let me join hehe ill make some cat npcs


If it will follow theme but I am almost sure theme won't be about cats or something that can incorporate cats...


Here is what it looked like when I was still developing Puny World (2 years ago)!


Hello! Great to see it is released. You forgot to add tags and license metadata :)

yeah dude! thanks.
got this message earlier tho: "Your page has been blocked by our spam detector"
had to appeal the block

About spam. You can find out this bug happened not only to you https://itch.io/board/10023/questions-support

But you haven't added any tags...

ooh right right let me do that now

I also added new orc and human units at free puny characters asset pack!

heres what my university thesis game looks like at the moment!

May be a graphic of floor plan, map and text


Will you upload an update of the puny characters and this pack to OGA?

yeah  let me do that tom i guess




5 Stars!

Hell yeah!! I love all your packs. Can I ask what differences this has from the mini world tiles? I know those are mostly just single colors, and these appear to have detail.

(1 edit) (+1)

this one has animated water tiles, you can still use most of the stuff from miniworld just slightly recolor them to a medium-darker hue. this one also have connecting  tiles ^^


thnk u man!


Thank you!! High quality + PWYW + CC0 would get you 6 stars if I could give it. If I ever make something legit from your assets, I'll be back to donate accordingly(I have already purchased your couple of paid packs, so I'm not a total mooch haha).


brooo thnk u so much!