A downloadable asset pack


16x16 base Character Sprites crafted for old-school RPG enthusiasts. 

All of the sprites are made in 32x32 canvas but they can fit in a 16x16 space.

  • Idle Animation
  • Walk Animation
  • Sword Attack Animation 
  • Bow Attack Animation
  • Stave Attack Animation
  • Throw  Animation
  • Hurt Animation
  • Death Animation


  •  Feel free to use this for your game (commercially or not).
  •  Feel free to creatively modify these sprites however you like.
  •  All kinds of criticism are welcome.
  •  Please help me by sharing and rating this asset.
  •  You are allowed to create Variations/DLCs of this asset pack and even sell it as your own :) (Dm me on Discord so I can advertise your games/asset packs).
  •  No need to give me credit but I would appreciate it :D

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Tags16-bit, Action RPG, Medieval, MMORPG, Pixel Art, Sprites, Strategy RPG
Asset licenseCreative Commons Zero v1.0 Universal


Puny-Characters.zip 498 kB

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Hi! I make game: Tiny Battles, see if you interest

goodluck on your game bro ^^
do you have a link to your game?


Hey man thanks for the asset pack! It's been super fun to play around with. I wanted to get the paid version to play with but I don't have a paypal account. Do you have another way to access it?

yeah sure bro dm me at discord ^^


Idk what discord to dm at, but mine is justrhyder like on itch.io. Picture is kinda like a diablo style angel.



Is your discord server?

yeah bro


I am having so much fun using this tilemap! Thank you for being awesome and making this!! I am going to buy the pro versions as soon as I can to keep messing around ;p

thnks my dude ^^


what a gorgeous asset pack. i would purchase the paid version, but i do not have paypal. thanks for providing it to us!

thnks man ^^, if you need it, i could send em over and just let you pay whenever you want

don't worry, not just yet haha. ill be sure to remember this though!


if you want to send them to me my email is jordanspcbrowser@gmail.com, thanks


sure man


Dear esteemed art creator, I have recently purchased your 16x16 Puny Characters Editor Edition and would greatly appreciate guidance on its usage. Although you have provided a tutorial link, unfortunately, YouTube is inaccessible in my country. Therefore, if feasible, could you kindly email me the complete project of the tutorial video? Thank you sincerely for your assistance. My email address is 497621766@qq.com.

Sent the vids brother ^^ thanks again, let me know if you need more help :)


HI! Thanks so much for this free graphics!
I made my website like RPG online using it:

this is epic bro ^^


Hey. Thanks for the free graphics, i made a game with, if you want to check it out: https://zleasygames.itch.io/1000-swords-of-darkness

brooo awesome work! played it right away!
i think the audios sometimes dont load up or something. on browser i mean*


Yeah, audio seems to be messed up in firefox, but should work fine in chrome.
Also, thanks for playing!

awesome bro! i was using chrome

oooh i didnt notice it was 8 directional


I used this asset pack in my (trash) prototype... https://dustdfg.itch.io/hungrypostman-demo

brooo i finished it! what was the prototype for?


It was an entry for jam. https://itch.io/jam/mini-jam-134-islands

I wanted to create simple coding game but I didn't have enough time. Example of coding game https://www.w3schools.com/codegame/  


If I understand correctly, https://merchant-shade.itch.io/16x16-mini-world-sprites is a tile set used as background in the gifs at the page. If it is so, I recommend you to embed it to the page as well as "characters editor"

heya brother sorry not sure I understand what you said, how do I embed something to the page again?


You need to open the page of the asset you want to embed -> Widget -> Code -> Then you need copy the content of the "code" section. Then you need to open the page where you want to add embedded link -> Edit -> Then you need to past what you copied to the description...


Ah I just realized what you meant, the tiles used in this assetpack is different from miniworld's asset pack

im developing a new free assetpack for puny characters tho


Waiting for it :)


You should add the license into metadata for the asset pack(s):

"Edit asset pack->Metadata->Release Info->License for assets" It will increase the size of audience that will be able to find your art

DUDE! you just helped me a ton thnk u so much

You can leave a comment here to support my proposal about making metadata visible for those who are interested in it https://itch.io/t/2919128/metadata-encouragement#post-7952450

(2 edits)

im just not sure which license is the same as the CC0 license let me check em first

-Edit: found it! thanks brother

(1 edit) (+1)

Sentence from the description: "Please do not redistribute/resell" looks like a request, not a command. But If you are considering it like command... CC0 - public domain so everyone can redistribute and even resell...

I hope it is really CC0 because I am going to use it in mini jam 134

let me fix that

(1 edit)

i guess, should I say "do not repost the assetpack as a paid item itch.io"? or should I just change the license?

-Edit fixed

oooh i didnt know CC0 allowed people to resell, well i guess ill delete that request.

(2 edits)

As a person familiar with CC0 licenses, I don't like decision to change the license... But it is your choice.... The idea just to delete that request isn't good/bad but as a part of brief summary of license it looks wrong


Fixed version is good ;) Thanks

I made it so people are allowed to make variations and  sell em,
like how my buddy octoshrimpy is making dlcs for miniworld assets


In general CC0 - is just a way to declare that work is public domain that means "do whatever you want with it without any restrictions"

i see, Ill keep em all as CC0


Nice art! Great Work!

thnk u bro/sis ^^


Thank you so much for your work. This one and other. That sprites are exacly what i was looking for :)


love that little red wizard!

incredible that the characters come with all these animations and 8 directions!

aye thnk uuu ^^


I’ve been studying sprite styles and drawing sprites lately, and I keep coming back to how great these “puny characters” are! I’m going to play around with making them (or a sprite style I make that’s based on them) look like a demake of Skyrim…

thnk u bro ^^ 


Really cute! Good job !

thanks man

does this chess background come with it?

yep its a tileset, im working on a better ground tileset too


I love this look. Any colour palette you used?

thanks man ^^, sorry I did not make any palette(s) for this asset. I rarely do/use palettes in any of my art. I find it too constricting.


This looks really good!


heya cybermannn thnk u so much for supporting me from the start

That is what you get when you make great stuff :)


Love this!! 8 directions allows for isometric use!

thank you bro ^^ i was inspired by final fantasy tactics advance


A lovely game! This site needs more assets like this!!

im planning on making asset packs like items and map making packs related to this character pack ^^


Hi, This is great pixel, I love it


thank you sir/maam ^


these sprites will be a legend

thank youuu


This asset is so good, I had to buy Shade's 16x16 Jewelry RPG Icons set to go with it.


thank you so much!!!, this means alot to me ToT