A downloadable asset pack


16x16 base Character Sprites crafted for old-school RPG enthusiasts. 

All of the sprites are made in 32x32 canvas but they can fit in a 16x16 space.

  • Idle Animation
  • Walk Animation
  • Sword Attack Animation 
  • Bow Attack Animation
  • Stave Attack Animation
  • Throw  Animation
  • Hurt Animation
  • Death Animation


  •  Feel free to use this for your game (commercially or not).
  •  Feel free to creatively modify these sprites however you like.
  •  All kinds of criticism are welcome.
  •  Please help me by sharing and rating this asset.
  •  Please do not redistribute/resell.
  •  No need to give me credit but I would appreciate it :D

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Tags16-bit, Action RPG, Medieval, MMORPG, Pixel Art, Sprites, Strategy RPG


Puny-Characters.zip 230 kB

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Thank you so much for your work. This one and other. That sprites are exacly what i was looking for :)


love that little red wizard!

incredible that the characters come with all these animations and 8 directions!

aye thnk uuu ^^


I’ve been studying sprite styles and drawing sprites lately, and I keep coming back to how great these “puny characters” are! I’m going to play around with making them (or a sprite style I make that’s based on them) look like a demake of Skyrim…

thnk u bro ^^ 


Really cute! Good job !

thanks man

does this chess background come with it?

yep its a tileset, im working on a better ground tileset too


I love this look. Any colour palette you used?

thanks man ^^, sorry I did not make any palette(s) for this asset. I rarely do/use palettes in any of my art. I find it too constricting.


This looks really good!


heya cybermannn thnk u so much for supporting me from the start

That is what you get when you make great stuff :)


Love this!! 8 directions allows for isometric use!

thank you bro ^^ i was inspired by final fantasy tactics advance


A lovely game! This site needs more assets like this!!

im planning on making asset packs like items and map making packs related to this character pack ^^


Hi, This is great pixel, I love it


thank you sir/maam ^


these sprites will be a legend

thank youuu


This asset is so good, I had to buy Shade's 16x16 Jewelry RPG Icons set to go with it.


thank you so much!!!, this means alot to me ToT