A downloadable asset pack


  •  Feel free to use this for your game (commercially or not).
  •  Feel free to creatively modify these sprites however you like.
  •  All kinds of criticism are welcome.
  •  Please help me by sharing and rating this asset.
  •  Here is the Mini World Building Sprites Guide.
  •  No need to give me credit but I would appreciate it :D


  •  Characters: 100+ 
  • Buildings: 135+
  • Nature: 10
  •  Tiles: 5 
  • Icons: 46
  •  Misc: 20


Reworked Tower 

Reworked Archer

Added Axeman 

Added Assassin

Added Slime

Added Orc

Added Objects
Reworked Hut 

Added Coconut Trees

Added Our Lord Rimuru

Added Marine Animals

Added SpearGoblin

Added Spearman

Added Boats
Added Dead Trees

Added Cactus

Added Ballista

Added Mage

Added Minotaur

Added Giant Crab
Recolored Buildings
& Soldiers

UPDATE! (8/19/2020) 
Added Mini World
Sprites Guide

Added Pine Trees 

Added Winter Trees 

Added Mammoth 

Added Yeti

Added Wendigo
Added Rocks 

Added Portals 

Reworked Mineshafts

Added Dragons

Added Fireball
Added Knight

Added Horses

Added Farmer Goblin

Added Purple Demon

Added Orc Town Hall

Added Goblin Hut

Added Spike Walls
Added Skeleton Soldier

Added Necromancer 

Added Mausoleum

Added Tombstones

Added Red Demon

Added Armoured Demon

Reworked Mage
UPDATE! (1/1/2021)
Added Kanji 

Added Okomo

Added Zhinja

Added Arthax

Added Börg 

Added Grum

Added Katan

Added Icons
UPDATE! (1/15/2021) 
Added Pirate Grunt

Added Pirate Gunner

Added Pirate Captain

Added Musketeer

Added Gangblanc

Added Chests

Reworked Ships

UPDATE! (3/7/2021) 
Added Terrain Levels

Added Highlight Boxes

Added new UI's

UPDATE! (3/16/2021)
Reworked Mini WorldSprites Guide

UPDATE! (4/16/2021)
Added Orc Buildings

Added Orc Shaman

Added Orc Mage

Added Archer Goblin

Added Club Goblin

Added Kamikaze Goblin
Added Icons
Added Farm Animals

Added Character Customizer

Care to join my discord server? (Game Devs , Artists, Chiptune, Asset Designers....) Help me find errors / suggest ideas for the next update(s)

Discord Group click here --> VERY EPIC TAVERN 


Updated 18 days ago
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(173 total ratings)
AuthorsShade, octoshrimpy
GenreRole Playing
Tags16-bit, 2D, Action RPG, Medieval, MMORPG, Pixel Art, Sprites, Strategy RPG, Tileset


MiniworldGuide.docx 95 kB
Character-Customizer.zip 174 kB
MiniWorldSprites.zip 1 MB

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Anyone know of any similar looking assets (paid or free) that would fit with this pack? I'm looking for more background/landscape tiles, more building types, etc.

You can search for other 16x16 tile assets with a medieval/nature style.


Hi! an update should be coming really soon with more modular ground tiles!

Are you referring to the expansion you just released or another update to this asset? Fantastic work!

(1 edit)

this expansion I released, haha

One request, a single zip download for all your new sprites.

update pushed, and at the bottom there’s a single zip to download the whole expansion!



Incredible asset! You're awesome!

welcome my  bro/sis ^^


Thank you bro^^

no problemo man c:


Its so amazing! I'm very glad it's free and I'm very grateful to you for that


ahh all good bro ^^ it was fun making these assets 


Sure is mini! VERY CUTE!

thnk u :D


Wow, these are incredible! I've immediately fallen in love with them <3

thnk u man ^^


Awesome man!Thank you too much!


Hi! I want to use it for my game! Can i credit you in the game??

sure man


My dude, plz put up another image at the frond page.

It is nice and big but doesn't show the richness of the images below it.

heya bro, sorry im not sure what u meant


if a go to this page: https://merchant-shade.itch.io/16x16-mini-world-sprites

the frondpage, 1st image looks good and is big but it doesnt show the richness of the images below it.

ahh i get it now, yeah bro the first image is meant to be big, the others are just screenshots, thank u for telling me, ill fix em up a bit


Hello friend!  Could I use some of the images for some twitch panel art?  Thanks for the attention =D
(1 edit)

sure! no problem man ^^ 


Very cute! Are these a CC0 licence?


yep! ^^ i also uploaded em to opengameart rest assured


Hi, I am create a co-op bundle to celebrate World Environment Day, I want invited you to join, all content related with nature and environment can be join, if you are interested you have join in the follow link: https://itch.io/jam/world-environment-day-bundle-2022

I'm excited and I appreciate your interest and your participation, thank you very much and good luck!

sure thing bro/sis


Hi friend, the co-op bundle has been created, now you need to approve your participation in the bundle so that it can be published, thanks for your participation, I remain at your disposal for any questions, greetings!!!




Love this! Recommendation: Add an 'examples' folder in the download with different types of maps so it's easy for beginners to get started. 

thnk u man, i did this with my puny characters asset pack, ill try adding some sample maps next time for mini world ^^


Thank you  so much

welcome maan hope ur having an awesome day


Hello Shade,

Thank you for your selfless dedication! :D I want to use this asset in my graduation thesis. How do I cite it in the references?


heya man, no need to give me credit ^^
but if you want you can just copy-paste this link : https://merchant-shade.itch.io/16x16-mini-world-sprites
as your ref ;)


you are a legend buddy


thnk you bro/sis


how am I just now discovering this gem 


thnk u for the support bro <3 


Hello Shade, Im very gratefull for having this assets in my project! Thanks for giving us this great sprites, i loved it. I wanna ask just 1 thing, im developing a mmorpg online game and your asset pack fill my conditions, but the character animations dont... I need hurted and dead animations to it works fine on my game, can you made them and update it? Or if i have the permissions to edit it manually and make animations as i want, i can do it? Im just asking, its free for use but the info above dont say about modifying it...


yeaah you could add / edit / modify em however you like 
my bad i forgot to add death animations because i didn't know how it should look like lol

Hello Shade!
I used some of these sprites in my latest tiny game and have credited you in the game. Thank you!!

thank you so much bro, can i try your game? I'm happy that u used my assets man

For sure! I sent you a download code for the paid version to your Instagram account.

Free version is available here:  https://megabyte-games.itch.io/battle-god-free-demo


bro i tried it its AMAZING. bro/sis this is the first time I've seen my assets made as a full functional game. great job bro/sis! :D


Thank you for that! Battle God is my first released game so it means a lot.
This pack of yours is flexible enough to do lots of things, I really enjoy it, nice work.

(1 edit) (+1)

If you accept criticism, you've been rosted.

hahaha bro ur the first one kekw


This looks quite nifty

thank you bro <3


Are these assets compatible with RPG Maker MV or MZ ?


heya bro, im not sure since i haven't tried using rpg maker

Deleted 194 days ago

thank you bro/sis ^^



ty man


Are these assets for RTS games or can I use them for Action RPG games? or what is the correct genre for these assets ?

pretty much anything bro, i used them for a turn based rpg sometime ago, be free ^^


Thank you for these, I'm using them to draft and prototype the maps for my project!

thnk u for trying em out bro ^^ I'm currently working on better tiles but it be separate from this project


This is an amazing tileset

thnk u man


Brother, the work is very beautiful, you are so great, may I use these resources to develop commercial games?

sure bro


Very nice work! It's such a boon for developers to have nice art to use.

thnk u bro


This is gorgeous!


thnk uuu


I've been testing out a game using these assets and I love them! May I suggest adding more crops?

sure im gonna try making some new stuff this weekend ^^


This map is really, really, familiar. Hyrule from Zelda, perhaps?

the colors are inspired from zelda ^^


Nice work !

ty bro


That assets are so fantastic, I love your style, great work!

The first second I saw it, I want to make a game out of it.. so much, that I now learn round-based strategy coding that one day I can code a really good game out of it!!! 

Keep on going with your great work!!!

thank u so much for the support bro ^^ really keeps me going on <3 


Just dropped by to say wow

thnx bro


Currently prototyping some world generation and these sprites are very useful, thanks!

awesome ^^ goodluck br


Very good, maybe you could add some animals in the next update


thnx bro ^^ ill try adding some wolves for the orcs been planning on adding farm animals too ^

this would be too much


Loved the aesthetics. Question, could you make 48x48 tiles as a paid job?


hi bro ^^ sorry late reply been through exams and some school stuff, I guess I could say I can do commissions :D but not a job doe :( bcz I have a work in real life 


Hi, wops, I meant commision, sorry. Ok, I will keep your itch.io link at hand or, if you prefer, send me a contact that I could reach you. 

I made Endless RPG and I'm already doing another itereation of it. I'm looking for tiles for the world. Cheers! =]

ooooh duude thats awesome i saw it :D bro ur a veryy pro at developing games :o

(1 edit) (+1)

Hi! Oh my, sorry for the late reply. I got no warnings from itch.

Thanks for the kind words. I'm very much intending to use your asset for my new game, I liked your style. I'm developing it, but it will still take 2 to 4 years to complete.

Keep your awesome work. I will keep in touch.

sure bro ^^ thank u for appreciating my work :D

My discord tag at the moment is:

Santa Shade#4061

I'm almost always online there :D

(2 edits) (+1)

Awesome pack, thank you noob in programming for that such noobs in graphics design as me can finally try some and develop a game ^^

It is only left to find a noob in both graphics and programming but pro in sound :D


so cool

Thank youuu ^^


This was exactly what i was looking for for my first game

I hope you have fun making games :D cheers to being a game dev

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