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is there a way you can add a different payment method? i really love these assets and dont have access to paypal :(

pretty sure ive sent the copy to

thank you!



Dear esteemed art creator, I have recently purchased your 16x16 Puny Characters Editor Edition and would greatly appreciate guidance on its usage. Although you have provided a tutorial link, unfortunately, YouTube is inaccessible in my country. Therefore, if feasible, could you kindly email me the complete project of the tutorial video? Thank you sincerely for your assistance. My email address is

thank you brother ^^, ill be sending a video file to your email

Sent brother :) check your email, let me know if something went wrong :D 


I really enjoy your art. It works perfectly for my game. I'd be honored if you checked it out: .  And I just realized you updated this project, again, it looks great. Thanks.

thnks brooo, ur game is intense! awesome job man


Here is a simple mockup for this asset pack ;)


Looks great :3

thank you so much man ^^